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The key laboratory is ratified and setup by CETC in 2014, that runs under the governance and support of Southwest Institute of Communications. With high standards and goals in innovative theoretical and application research in cyberspace security, the lab is endowed with the responsibility of nurturing and attracting high end research fellows, while stands for the important interface and plaform for scientific communctions, cooperations and experiments.

Targeting in the most important requirements and responsibilities of national cyberspace security tasks, the key lab focus its research domains in the non-crptography security issues of innovative, subversive and substantial conecptual, theoretical and background technology development. It should soon become national dominate and world leading technical innovating center and value source for intellectual properties and industrial transformation.



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Cyberspace Security Technology Key Labortory is a CETC owned scientific and research platform that focus on the state-of-the-art principles and applications of cyberspace security, lead by distinguished chief experts and scientists of domain.

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